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I didn't post anything in long, oh well. I made some icons, that's my second time I'm not happy with colorizations on some of them. I hope you lot will like them doe. (;

[001-020] werewolves
[021-032] donald duck
[033-073] shrek
[074-099] cars

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Ok, so I am not happy with puppies and flowers icons, basically I am not happy with most of these icons and it is only my lil sis fault. She wanted me to give her a chance to choose what coloring styles should I use, oh well... Never again. Anyway, hope you lot will enjoy them. ;)

ps. most of icons are really colorful. ^^

[001-025] puppies
[026-042] flowers
[043-100] pocahontas
[101-129] little mermaid
[130-151] peter pan

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[01-38] nicki minaj
[39-122] rihanna
[123-133] keri hilson
[134-153] beyonce
[154-162] babies
[163-192] tangled
[193-221] beauty and the beast
[222-244] bambi
[245-263] little mermaid
[264-297] cherry blossom
[298-329] naruto

some of these icons i probably posted already, sorry for problems. (:

more icons here